Hear from the experts

“Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are of concerns to patients and doctors. As much as 10-20% of patients are said to have misdiagnosis. YouDiagnose’s biggest impact will be in supplementing the NHS services and bringing better patient outcome by minimising the incidences of delayed diagnosis and helping the doctor in instituting timely and appropriate care.”

Dr Anthony Ramsanahie

Consultant bowel cancer surgeon, St Bart's Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Given the growing difference in the demand for quality healthcare and supply, we have to use futuristic and disruptive technology in all patient care. YouDiagnose, with the help of data-driven decision support, can assist the clinician in the front line to make better decisions faster, paving the way for happy doctors and better patient care.”

Mr Angus Gordon FRCS

Consultant Breast Surgeon, NHS London

“Data driven decision support can reduce the amount of manual and clerical work the doctors have to do in clinical work. YouDiagnose has a great potential to humanise the healthcare and bring workflow efficiency in clinical services.”

Dr Naim Kadoglou

Consultant Breast and General Surgeon, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

“Many factors affect the performance of the human physicians, such as the state of the mind, fatigue, time constraints, emotional intelligence, gaps in knowledge, familiarity with disease conditions etc. YouDiagnose’s machine learning and AI capabilities can easily eliminate these factors in human performance and can boost efficiency and safety in clinical practice.”

Prof Bijen Patel

Consultant Upper GastroIntestinal Cancer, Bart’s Health NHS Foundation Trust

“YouDiagnose, through the power of AI to analyse the latest data on cancer symptoms and diagnoses from around the world, can provide the physicians with a very detailed understanding of each individual patient’s circumstances as well as their symptoms to reduce health inequalities and to help GPs and other doctors on the front-line diagnose cancer faster, earlier and more accurately.”

Dr Arti Garg

Consultant Surgeon in bowel cancer, Newham University NHS Trust

“While a lot of efforts is being made into the betterment of treatment of cancer cases, the time has come to encourage and modify population behaviour to engage in early cancer diagnosis. This is a niche area where YouDiagnose can make a difference. By improving the patient’s active participation in the diagnosis journey, YouDiagnose can bring a significant impact on overall cancer survival.”

Prof Hiten Patel

Prof. of Robotics Surgery & Uro-Oncology, Editor-in-chief , World Journal of Clinical Oncology