Founder's Story

How it all started…

Dr. Aswini Misro is a general surgeon with a special interest in breast cancer, vascular surgery and technical innovation. Throughout his 19-year career, he has witnessed the ever-increasing need for standardisation and democratising of high-quality cancer care to mitigate the mishaps in cancer care – e.g. delayed diagnosis of cancer, misdiagnosis and consequently a poor quality of life and survival.

Dr. Misro sadly has personal tragedies related to this. He lost his mother-in-law due to medical malpractice and medical error. Furthermore, his father-in-law was left with permanent paralysis of his body owing to medical errors. Both incidences were a wake-up call for Dr Misro to explore the landscape and carry out research with the help of cancer-care professionals, technologists, data scientists and business professionals.

Many years of medical research and innovation, Dr Misro’s vast experience of multi-disciplinary management of cancer, along with the top-level expertise of the founding members, has resulted in the founding of YouDiagnose in 2020. YouDiagnose’s vision is to reduce global disparities in cancer with the help of futuristic technologies.

Dr Misro has written a book about the systemic healthcare flaws and shines a light on how to overcome them through technology-enhanced solutions. Anyone who had the misfortune of falling prey to delayed or misdiagnosis, medical malpractice, negligence or error will appreciate the launch of the new book – Patient 2.0 – Beyond Consumer, Victim or Survivor Navigating the Healthcare Maze.

The book will be dedicated to any donor(s) who donate £50,000 or more to the YouDiagnose NHS Pilot.