Internship Program

What is the YouDiagnose Apprenticeship Program?

YouDiagnose is the next-generation, disruptive, clinical artificial intelligence platform that has proven potential to transform the landscape of primary and secondary care by providing AI-enabled, data-driven, multi-disciplinary, personalised, evidence-based approaches to decision making for provision of care. YouDiagnose, with its laser-sharp focus on cancer-care solutions, will bring a paradigm shift in cancer care and reduce the global disparity in quality of life and cancer survival.

Mission of YouDiagnose Apprenticeship Program

Our mission is to find and hone the hidden leader within an individual, accelerate incredible careers and develop a diverse group of future leaders through real-life training & mentorship. Our training is guaranteed to provide you with the exposure and training necessary to make you an expert blogger, creative content writer, website content creator, digital marketer, graphics creator, email marketer and medical writer. We are one of the few organisations in the world that provide you with the opportunity to train as a medical writer.

Future Prospects of the Apprentice

The global medical writing market size was valued at USD 1.72 billion in 2018 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 10.3% from 2019 to 2026. The healthcare AI market which was USD 600 million in 2014 is projected to reach USD 6.6 billion by 2021 with explosive CAGR of 40% or 11x.

The outgoing apprentice can expect the below mentioned placements in the industry: Medical Writer, Blog Writer, Digital Marketer, Graphics Designer, Content Creator, Website Content Creator, Proofreader, Paid Freelancer, Retainer or Employee

Program Details

Genuine Hands-on Training

At YouDiagnose, we allow and encourage our apprentices to really participate in structuring what they create and write about. We give them hands-on experience in the field of medical writing through blogs, social content, articles, etc. Our apprentices will start writing from day one.


Task and Feedback Modules

We provide apprentice programmes that are closely mentored by experienced professionals and we provide unique opportunities for apprentices to work at the core of the YouDiagnose business. These programmes are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, with continuous feedback provided throughout.

Personalised Modules

We provide apprentices with tasks that challenge their existing skill-set and force them to rethink how they would usually approach tasks. Expert feedback is provided along the way that helps identify the apprentice’s ability and areas they need to improve on. This personalised approach allows for progress that is unique to the individual.


“My mentorship with YouDiagnose was a good one. Although my mentor was clearly busy with managing YouDiagnose and tackling the tough tasks the company faces, he still managed to delegate enough time to assist me in my projects – offering guidance and support whenever I needed it. YouDiagnose as a company is truly trying to change the world for the better and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity.”

Ben Cheetham – Oct 2019

“I wish I had stayed in this program for longer. The three months flew by very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and leant immensely from the feedback. “Task and Feedback” modules were very helpful for skill development and enhancement. The best part of my training programme was my training for medical writing which was one of the areas where I want to excel in future.”

Neil Brown – Nov 2019

“I am so happy to announce that my blog ‘Historic Economic Downfalls and Cancer Care: The forecast post-COVID’, that I have been working on with the help of Dr. Aswini Misro, has been accepted by the BMJ Global Health Blog.”

Emily Toyn – Aug 2020

“As my first week comes to an end as an intern at YouDiagnose, I cannot thank my mentors Priti Joshi and Jonathan Armstrong for the help and guidance received so far. They have communicated effectively with my tasks and have been available to solve any problems or queries right away! It has been exciting to produce my first blog for the company and research deeper into AI and the benefits of digital health. Looking forward to the next 7 weeks and witnessing the progression of YouDiagnose – Know Sooner, Live Better.”

Zaynab Khan - July 2020

“I am extremely honoured to have received recognition from The University of Edinburgh for my work with YouDiagnose. Additionally, I am so grateful to the University and those who worked tirelessly ensuring completion of the academic year in such challenging times and circumstances.”

Neema Namavian - May 2020