Work harder, work harder, or maybe work smarter?

Sep 16, 2020 | Healthcare Workers

Time and time again we have put pressure on NHS staff to work harder, but the reality is they can’t.

The last few months have shown the true heroes of our society. Coronavirus has rampaged the world and it is far from over. In the UK, we are ever so grateful for the monumental efforts of our NHS and those who bravely surpassed the ‘Call of Duty’. Healthcare was the number one priority during this pandemic and our national line of duty stood strong, looking after so many of our citizens. For years, NHS staff have been feeling the pressure. Has this pandemic highlighted a profound and real risk which we have ignored for far too long?

NHS Staff and History

Since lockdown began, working ‘virtually’ has become the norm for millions of us. Waking up and staying in pyjamas has truly become acceptable as we adapt to our new way of life, but what about those who cannot work from home? Our key workers have touched the hearts of millions and cared tirelessly for us in this time of need. Within Healthcare, the challenges were profound and resources were scarce. We asked our NHS workers to work harder and they most definitely did, but are we now facing a time of danger and uncertainty as they seek recovery from the last few months? It was not long ago, Junior doctors and then Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt were in the fiercest of battles about working conditions. We need to find out ways of innovating and changing current working practices.

The Current Situation

Pre-COVID, a report from the Medical Protection Society (MPS) found 45% of Doctor’s had considered leaving the profession, citing welfare concerns. Just months before, GPonline found burnout being a profound concern within Healthcare with a high percentage of doctors seeking help for burnout. Moving forward, we need our Healthcare staff to be stable and healthy. This is not solely COVID-free or physically healthy but crucially, not burnt out. These are the people making decisions saving the lives of me, you and your peers. Our NHS workers are those who will be driving the mountain of case backlog and treatment for complicated Healthcare conditions such as Cancer which has suffered so badly and the time is on us to look after them not the latter.

AI and Cancer as the solution?

Change is needed to ensure the Cancer diagnosis process can improve for the better and relieves stress on doctors. AI has the potential, workability and technology to assist us and our NHS. It presents us with the answer we need to ensure we are working smarter and not harder. Here at YouDiagnose, we believe we have the answer to the solution. Using AI, Cancer can be diagnosed faster, earlier and aided by AI powered clinical decision support. Additionally, it allows us to reduce the frontline stress on NHS staff for the future not just the present. It is a solution to last a generation, not a few months as we seek to recover from lost time in treating chronic diseases such as Cancer which simply do not disappear.


Mr. Neema Nabavian, Dr Aswini Misro