How AI will Humanise the Medical Consultation of the Future

Sep 2, 2020 | Clinical AI, Healthcare

We can probably all relate an example of a medical consultation where the clinician was in a hurry and we felt rushed and uncertain as to whether they had taken into account all our symptoms, situation, concerns. A situation as frustrating for the clinician as the patient. AI has the potential to transform the medical consultation of the future.

AI and the transformation of the patient-clinician relationship.

What if the medical consultation of the future used a digital medical assistant based on AI? What if we could allow clinicians to devote themselves completely to their patients during the consultation? What if the clinician’s diagnostic decision was supported by the latest, most comprehensive, globally sourced diagnostic data? What if we could free the doctor from the tedious, repetitive task of data entry and administration? What if we could provide the patient with a clear, timely schedule of next steps the before the consultation finishes?

What will this experience feel like?

A medical consultation supported by a digital medical assistant based on AI will enable an increased interaction between the doctor and patient. The conversation comes to the fore, the search for information is simple, key diagnostic data supports and guides the conversation. For the patient, it is about having time, being listened to and having the full attention of the clinician and vice versa.

Tests, investigations, next steps will be automatically scheduled and captured reducing tedious, repetitive administration for the clinician and presenting a clear schedule of next steps for the patient before they leave the consultation.

The promise of digital technologies such as AI are expected to create a new space for interaction and trust. Paradoxically, we could say that AI is humanising healthcare.

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Authors MIss.Sarah Fisher , Dr Aswini Misro