The alarming doctor exodus

Aug 19, 2020 | Clinical AI, Healthcare Workers

Doctors go to work every day simply wanting to help people. But being a doctor is far from easy in today’s world.

The busy and complex environment of the UK healthcare system is slowly eroding the quality of patient care. The increasingly litigious minefields and the fear of making mistakes are impacting doctor decisions and confidence. The financial compensation most doctors receive does not reflect the years of medical training and round the clock dedication they have given to the cause. These factors, and more, are leading to considerable frustration amongst doctors and an alarming exodus of doctors from the profession.

‘Drexit (“Doctor-Exit”) during a global pandemic

Drexit is the growing trend for doctors to walk away from their jobs in the NHS, either to new healthcare systems overseas such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand or into new professions altogether, leaving behind their well-trained medical brains.

The polling of 2,600 doctors by the General Medical Council (GMC) found 56% were examining other career options. Professor Sir Terence Stephenson, chairman of the GMC, said: “Doctors are telling us clearly that the strain that the system is under is having a direct effect on them, and on their plans to continue working in that system.”

The NHS is suffering from years of austerity funding. There is no longer enough time, staff, and resources. As each doctor leaves it becomes harder to sustain a safe service for patients and stress levels increase for those left behind.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be the greatest challenge the NHS has faced in 72 years. GPs and hospital doctors are needed now more than ever. So, what can be done to support the NHS and stop the exodus of doctors?

How clinical AI and YouDiagnose can support doctors

Artificial Intelligence may be one of the solutions to help reverse the frustration that doctors are feeling because it has the potential workability and technology to assist doctors and the healthcare system.

One of the biggest areas of frustration amongst doctors is in Cancer patient care. Sadly 50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. But you have 3x better chance of survival with an early cancer diagnosis. Easy access to an early cancer diagnosis service, therefore, will benefit not only the patient but also relieve considerable stress on doctors.

We believe we have the answer at YouDiagnose; our mission is to provide faster, earlier cancer diagnosis and personalised care with AI-powered cancer services. It will also allow the NHS to reduce health inequalities ensuring everyone can receive a diagnosis, regardless of where they live in the UK.

Put simply, YouDiagnose is a cancer service for everyone, everywhere that will go some way to helping doctors achieve their daily goal of helping people. In turn we hope this will help stop the alarming exodus of doctors from the profession.

Authors Jonathan Armstrong , Dr Aswini Misro