What Experts Think About YouDiagnose AI-led GP Consultation?

Jul 1, 2020 | Clinical AI

Expert Review of YouDiagnose-GP Primary Care AI Application

YouDiagnose-GP has been reviewed by many experts in the field of family medicine & general practice. Most of them said they have been waiting for a solution like this for many years.

Dr Sandeep Rohilla, GP – Singapore Medical Council Registration 13786C

At present in Singapore, most of us are under tremendous work pressure. Health professionals are in need of a breakthrough, a technology-driven product which will assist the GP and take GP consultations to the next stage. I think YouDiagnose AI-led consultation is a great innovation of our time, given that critical issue such as healthcare data safety has been addressed. Moreover, there is a minimal learning curve for health professionals. Last but not least, the patients’ adaption of this new product is quite easy.

Dr Sachin Wahal, GP – Scotland, GMC No – 6124604

Artificial intelligence-led GP consultation is the future and I see great potential in it. This will reduce the patient wait time and will have a good outcome on the cost-effectiveness of the overall consultation process. Once people adapt to this technology and use it in day to day use, this will bring unprecedented transformation in the healthcare industry.

Dr Kichu Jayakumar, GP – Hereford, GMC No – 7027533

Tonsillitis, rash – except these simple ailments, I haven’t seen history taking and consultation completed in the allocated 10-min time slot. Therefore, this AI-assisted GP consultation is the way forward in taking the burden away from the GPs and providing them with an enjoyable working environment. This will not only improve their morale but also reduce the sick-absenteeism which is widely prevalent in the GP practices. There is a huge potential for this product. One other aspect of this service is that, in future, there is a huge possibility of identifying the consultations which can be easily be led by nurse practitioners rather than doctors in the community. I like the fact that the machine will be able to do an AI-led triage of the GP appointment, thereby massively reducing the strain on the system. Many times, repeated visits to the GP are necessitated as it is difficult to triage the cases in one visit alone. This can be greatly reduced by implementation of AI-led data-driven consultation to identify the cases which need urgent referrals. If my consultation time can indeed be reduced, I can use that saved time for emergency appointments and post-clinical admin work. Overall, this will not only reduce the patient wait times in the GP surgeries but also reduce the A&E attendance too.

Dr Kapil Chawla, GP London, GMC No 7027533

YouDiagnose AI-led GP consultation will expedite the GP consultation. Its design is clever, and it will be very much appreciated by the patients and doctors alike. This will not only make the workflow efficient but also add to patient safety by using AI at the point of decision-making.

Dr Puneet Gupta, Harley St, Marylebone, London, GMC No 5206982

YouDiagnose AI-led GP consultation is the future of GP consultation. The low morale of the GPs undoubtedly mandates a transition from the traditional way of working to the futuristic platforms like YouDiagnose to bring the much-needed transformation in the field of GP consultations and primary care. Even though it might be met with initial resistance in physicians adoption to this new model and technology, it will be rewarding in long-term and will help to solve the chronic shortage of healthcare professionals throughout the country.

Gautam Marwah, North Tees, GMC No 6056324

I have reviewed the YouDiangose AI-led GP application. I have no doubt this application will allow the GP-consultation to be completed accurately, comprehensively and timely manner. The smooth user learning curve is one of the essential aspects of the solution. This model is the future of GP consultation and will address many of the critical national problems we are facing at present. Personally speaking, this will save a lot of time in my practice.