Reducing Cancer Diagnosis Waiting Times by 50% through Disruptive Healthcare Technology.

YouDiagnose is an AI-powered early cancer diagnosis system that can provide predictive diagnosis, risk-assessment, triage and management of care pathways.

YouDiagnose Testimonials

Dr Harleen Deol: Chair of East of England Cancer Alliance/Head of Breast Cancer services, East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

“Given the growing difference in the demand for quality healthcare and supply, we have to use futuristic technology in patient care. YouDiagnose, with the help of data-driven decision support, can assist the clinician in the front line to make better decisions faster, paving the way for happy doctors and better patient care.”

Mr Angus Gordon FRCS – Consultant Breast Surgeon, NHS London

“Many factors affect the performance of physicians, such as the state of the mind, fatigue, time constraints, emotional intelligence, gaps in knowledge, familiarity with disease conditions etc. YouDiagnose’s machine learning and AI capabilities can easily eliminate these factors in human performance and can boost efficiency and safety in clinical practice.”

Prof Bijen Patel – Consultant Upper GastroIntestinal Cancer, Bart’s Health NHS Foundation Trust

If your organisation is affected by any of the above then you can benefit from a partnership with YouDiagnose. Please contact us today.

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